7 Bookish Goodies to Help You Celebrate Banned Book Week

September 25 – October 1 is 2016’s Banned Book Week, and boy am I excited.

Sometimes I have mixed feelings about holidays (is Valentine’s Day over-commercialized? What am I really celebrating when I sit around in the AC reading supernatural thrillers on Labor Day?), but Banned Books Week is one that I can really get behind.

Every year, I wish Banned Books Week could go on for even longer, and now, I’ve finally found a way to live that dream. Here are some bookish goodies to help you celebrate banned books all year round.

Make Your Own Banned Book Box!


A downloadable project from WordsDance

These. are. the. cutest. I’m not crafty, but when I saw these, I had to tweet about them (I’m @OmnivoreadsBlog). I also posted about these on Litsy (@LectricSheep)… And I might have texted a few friends about them too. Two dollars for the template! And then you can make as many as you want. They’d be great gifts for students. WordsDance sells an Animal Farm version, as well. I hope she makes even more– maybe a Lolita one (that one would…not be good to give to students).

A Nifty Little Pin


from ohsogeeky

Put it on your backpack, your blazer, your best friend. . . very versatile!

A Badass Mug


from The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild

I own this mug, and I can attest to its power to make every morning feel subversive.

A Pair of Earrings To Make People Look Twice


I’m not sure Holden Caulfield would appreciate these earrings by DesignsByAnnette (he might think they’re trying too hard), but I love them. It’s the quote on the typewriter that gets me.

A Punny T-Shirt


from LitInspired.

Still giggling over this one. Also come’s in men’s sizes and fit.

Mismatched Socks


The geniuses at Out Of Print Clothing have some seriously amazing book-themed things for sale. Who knew the First Amendment could be so fashion-forward. As a bonus, these go excellently with my go-to all-black wardrobe.

A Set of Clever Coasters


made by The Tile Project

Using these would be a great way to find out if anyone who visits is appropriately bookish! If you offer them a coaster for their drink and they don’t immediately comment…never invite them over again.

Kidding! Sort of.


Fill your home with banned books and the creations they’ve inspired! For a list of banned books, both classic and current, look here and here.


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